Are your offices still fit for purpose?

Are your offices still fit for purpose?

As the government’s road map for coming out of the pandemic unfolds, employers up and down the country are planning how they and their workforce can return safely to the office.  Indeed, will their workforce be returning to the office? 

A recent report in The Times suggested that half of people would quit their current role if  denied flexible working  once we return to the workplace.  If this is the case, then employers need to think carefully about their future strategy and how they manage this increased desire for flexible working. 

Many employers will embrace their employees needs for a better work-life balance (and reduced commute), and with real estate contributing up to a round 5%-6% of a business’s annual costs, the option to relocate and reduce the size of real estate has to be considered. 

Are you considering relocating or downsizing your real estate?

If you are considering relocating, how much thought have you given to new office space and layout?  In our blog, Is Home Working Here to Stay?  we talked about the importance of wellbeing in the office and how activity-based working could be the answer.  There is no doubt that employers who embrace flexibility will see success.  Create a workplace environment that encourages collaboration and communication and you start to make the return to the office an attractive proposition, and a destination of choice. 

Planning for the future of the office

As we come out of this pandemic, it will be employees, not employers, that have more influence over real estate strategy. Those employers that are responsive to their employees needs will be the ones that thrive – whether this is through offering more flexible working opportunities or through creating a better user experience in the office itself. 

The immediate future may be a challenging one, but it is also really exciting.  Employers not only have an opportunity to shape how and where we work, but to also make a difference to employee health, wellbeing and productivity. 

What does the future look like for your workplace? 

How X2 Furniture can help create workspaces for now and the future

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