Educational Solutions

We offer a number of furniture and storage solutions for a variety of educational environments, and because we are a consultancy-led service, we will work with you to provide the most cost-effective solution. No matter how large or small your requirements, we can cover any aspect of furniture or interior based project, for your educational setting.

Space-Saving Seating Solutions

school chairs

These innovation chairs enable more children to be incorporated into a space, whilst still adhering to social distancing guidelines.  The chairs offer comfort for both children and adults when involved in floor activities.  They are extremely portable and easy to keep clean. 

They are great for carpet time, within a nursery or school setting and outdoor learning, providing back support and helping with good posture. 

Counter Screens/Space Partitions

reception safety

We can supply a range of school reception/counter screens to help keep your staff, visitors and children safe.    

Whether you need to partition desks or a larger room space, we can supply a number of different options to suit budget and needs. 

Teacher Wall

TeacherWall is the smart new modular teaching and storage system that the education sector has been waiting for. 

For primary schools, TeacherWall is the perfect storage solution to create an efficient, tidy classroom with the high-volume storage facility TeacherWall will provide. 

To direct the attention of the students of all ages to one area of the classroom, there are sliding whiteboards to compliment an interactive screen. Behind the sliding white boards there are seven cubic metres of storage space available. 

Laboratory Furniture

Based around a service pod system, our manufacturer’s laboratory furniture can be used to create a co-ordinated scheme in your science classroom. Variable layouts are achieved by spacing the movable pupil benches in the desired position. 

All service pods are 600mm x 600mm square and are made with a removable access panel to gain entry to the services. All work surfaces are 16mm Trespa Athlon, other surfaces are available upon request. 

If the standard laboratory system will not fit properly, then tailor-made solutions are available. 


Our range of lockers can be designed specifically to your requirements.

The lockers work well as a standalone product but can also be combined with the Storagewall and Teacherwall solutions. Our lockers are available with our Made To Measure-Made To Fit service and are designed to complement your space. 



School Wall

Schoolwall offers entirely new dimensions and innovative solutions to Classroom and Corridor storage. 

The Schoolwall system is designed to be a fully integrated classroom/corridor system capable of proving high volume storage, within any educational setting. 

The system maximises storage whilst minimising the usage of floor space; the result is functional with striking aesthetic appeal. 

Study Carrels

A flexible, cost effective system that is perfect for a library area. The product allows the combination of private study and IT capability.

The study carrel system comes in two product options, Link and Centre. The Link system is a double or single-sided linked desk system divided by screens; with the link system you can add extra carrels at a later date if needed.

Desk sizes come as standard at 800mm wide and 1,000mm wide. All side and dividing screens are 1,200mm high. The Centre system is a circular standalone pod system, available in seven sizes

,•Three person

•Four person

•Five person

•Six person

•Eight person

•Ten person

•Twelve person

The OfficeLife study carrel system is a screen-based product that lends itself to easy relocation.If a standard study carrel will not fit properly then they can be tailor-made to your specification.