Ergonomics and Workspace Health

Another very important aspect in the modern workplace, we consider the wellbeing of all employees to be extremely important. We can carry out assessments on single or multiple employees to ensure that everything is ergonomically correct and, if not, we can offer professional advice and provide the most effective product solutions to remedy bad posture resulting from poor ergonomic practices.

Are you and your staff sitting comfortably?

No, really comfortably? Poor ergonomics and poor posture lead to musco-skeletal disorders and are major contributors to staff dissatisfaction, poor productivity and absenteeism.

We offer a full DSE Assessment Service to evaluate whether your staff are correctly seated and that their equipment is fit for purpose. Once assessed, we can offer the best product solutions to alleviate these issues and ensure all office-based employees are operating within the correct ergonomic guidelines and know that their wellbeing is prioritised.