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Millennium Point

Installation of Acoustic Screens

The Client

Millennium Point is a unique venue destination in Birmingham City Centre.  It’s the home of ThinkTank (Birmingham’s science museum) and Birmingham City University amongst others.

The building has a large open-plan atrium that is ideal for exhibitions and performances.  Although this space is visually impressive, it presents some challenges.  Namely, the sound transference to the open-plan conference area.

What we did...

Linda Degg, Facilities Director at Millennium Point, said: “We were looking for expert guidance to reduce sound transference across the building and boost our offering.

“We were aware of X2’s expertise and experience in helping other clients resolve similar issues and were confident that they would provide suitable solutions based on our requirements.  We asked them to come and assess the situation, before discussing the potential options”.

Given the sleek and modern interior of the building, we knew that the project required a solution that would complement its surroundings, so we presented options that met the acoustic and aesthetic requirements set out by the client.

From start to finish, Millennium Point were very helpful and trusted us to offer a range of solutions that would help reduce sound transference.

After carrying out various surveys of the building, lightweight ‘Fabricks’ Acoustic Screens were installed to absorb the sound entering the area from the main atrium, resulting in significant reductions in sound transference.

Millennium point 1
Millennium point
Millennium point

What they said...

 “Since the new acoustic screens have been installed, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in terms of the sound transference, with our clients and team members often commenting on how much of a difference it has made.

“We’re extremely grateful for the work X2 Furniture have done, and we’d certainly recommend their services to other clients that are facing similar challenges.”


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