Significantly reducing the spread of bacteria and Coronavirus from doors and push pad surfaces

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Antimicrobial door push pads have long-term resistance to Coronavirus and kill 99.9% of bacteria.  

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Safety Push Pad

How it works.

Push doors are an unavoidable part of modern life. Simply stick the Safe Pads in the required position to significantly reduce the spread of bacteria and Coronavirus. It’s that easy!

Why it works.

The coating contains silver, which safely inhibits microbial growth. The Silver technology targets microorganisms that kill or reduce the spread of bacteria, fungi and certain viruses.


001 – Dimensions: 200(l) x 100(w) x 0.75mm (d)
Weight: 12g

Push pad activated doors are becoming more and more common. We see them nearly everywhere!

However, push pad doors require the use of our hands, which can expose us to a range of bacteria and viruses with some of these able to survive on surfaces for more than a week.

That’s why we introduced the Safe Pad. Simply stick it onto a door or other surface people often touch, and do your part to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and many other illnesses.

Safety push pad order
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

002 – Dimensions: 400(l) x 95(w) x 0.45mm (d)
Weight: 24g

For hygiene-critical environments, such as hospitals, the fight against cross-contamination and the spread of superbugs is a high priority.

And yet, so many people touching a single surface with their hands can spread germs, bacteria & deadly diseases, including Coronavirus (which can survive on normal push plates for up to 7 days)!

Do your part to slow the spread of Coronavirus and many other diseases by using our Safe Pads on your doors. It’s that simple.

Press Pads

003 – Pad Dimensions: 100(l) x 100(w) x 0.45mm (d)
Weight: 7g

Many of today’s public buildings use large buttons or press pads to open their doors.

However, we now know that Coronavirus can survive on press pads and similar surfaces for up to 7 days, spreading quickly through customers and staff.

Using safety devices like the Press Pad antimicrobial push pad is a critical part of any strategy to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria particles. 

Protect yourself, and help create a safer environment for employees, the public, and especially the vulnerable or high risk critical workers!

Complies with: ISO 21702:2019
Press pad
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

004 -Dimensions: 90(l) x 90(w) x 0.45mm (d)
Weight: 7g

Automatic, press pad activated doors are very common, and skin contact with these surfaces is almost unavoidable.  

However, normal press pads are exactly the surfaces where Coronavirus and other infections can spread form person to person.

This antimicrobial round press pad can reduce the risk of infection significantly, and help get you back in business safely.

Fast, simple and reliable, our door, button and push pads are a vital part of any good public health policy. Get yours today!

005 – Dimensions: 110(l) x 40(w) x 0.45mm (d)
Weight: 4g

Create a safer environment for yourself and your people with Safe Pad antimicrobial push pad.

Many public buildings feature push pads, allowing access to wheelchair users and others. Unfortunately, that means many people touching the same surface.

We know that Coronavirus and other infections can be spread from normal push pads to their users for as long as 7 days.

It is now more important than ever to install antimicrobial push pad covers like the Safe Pad are so important! They reduce the risk of infection dramatically, protecting customers and staff alike.

push pad 3
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

006 – The Safe Wrap Door Handle
Dimensions: 65(H) x 100(w) x 0.22mm (d)
Weight: 5g
Designed for: 20mm ø Door Handle

Did you know that on average study’s have shown that 80% of infections are transmitted by hands? It’s no wonder that door handles are hotspots for bacteria especially in public areas!
The Safe Wrap technology actively kills bugs and reduces the risk of infection, protecting customers and staff alike

Safe Wrap Door Handle
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

0007 & 0008 – The Safe Wrap Pull Handle
Medium & Large

Dimensions Medium: 80(H) x 160(w) x 0.22mm (d)

Weight: 5g – Designed for: 25mm ø Door Handle
Dimensions Large: 100(H) x 250(w) x 0.22mm (d)

Weight: 57g – Designed for: 30mm ø Door Handle

If you knew that one germ can multiply into 8 million in just one day would you use a pull handle? They are an inevitable part of our lives and are often in high traffic areas. This means many people will touch the same surface every day. 

Safe Wrap Pull Handle
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

0009 – The Push Pull Handle

Dimensions : 200(H) x 200(w) x 0.22mm (d)

Weight: 10g – Designed for: 100(H) x 200(w) Door Handle

A staggering 41% of people in the UK fear they could catch COVID-19 from a petrol station. It’s no wonder when studies show that on some hard surfaces in petrol stations it was 6,428 times dirtier than public elevator buttons and 11,835 times dirtier than a public toilet seat.


push pull safe pad
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

0010 – The Safe Wrap Rail Handle

Dimensions S: 100(H) x 250(w) x 0.22mm (d) 

Dimensions M: 100(H) x 450(w) x 0.22mm (d)

Dimensions L: 100(H) x 650(w) x 0.22mm (d) 

Dimensions XL: 100(H) x 950(w) x 0.22mm (d)

Weight: 5-10g

Designed for: 30mm ø Handle Rails

Safe Wrap Rail Handle
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

0011 – The Safe Wrap Stair Rail

Dimensions M: 160(H) x 500(w) x 0.22mm (d)

Dimensions L: 160(H) x 1000(w) x 0.22mm (d)

Weight: 5-10g – Designed for: 50mm ø Handle Rails

The antimicrobial wrap kills germs on touch and by doing so reduces the spread of harmful bacteria and dangerous pathogens.

Safe Wrap Stair Rail
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

0012 – The Basket Wrap

Dimensions Basket: 28(H) x 250(w) x 0.22mm (d) Weight: 5g

DEsigned for: 7mm 28(H) x 250ø Basket Handle(w) x 0.22

0013 – The Trolley Wrap

Dimensions Trolley: 88(H) x 480(w) x 0.22mm (d)

Weight: 10g

Designed for: 27mm ø Trolley Handle

Trolley handle safe wrap
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

0014 – The Safe Screen

Dimensions : 169(H) x 240(w) x 0.22mm (d)

Weight: 5g
Designed for: 9.7 inch screens
Sizes and costs available on request. 

Touch screens are a part of our modern life and they are everywhere! From checking-in to a hotel, to ordering food at McDonald’s, to shopping, to even our personal mobiles.


Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

0015 – The Safe Plate Stainless Steel

Dimensions : 300(H) x 100(w) x 0.5mm (d)

Weight: 130g
Other sizes available on request.

The safe plate stainless steel is the premium plate in the safe range.


stainless steel safe pad
Complies with: ISO 21702:2019

Ensure all your surfaces are Covid-free with HI-KLEEN spray santiser

Are your premises completely sanitised and protected against COVID-19 in readiness for your staff, clients and visitors to feel safe when entering and using your facilities?


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